Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We're back!

After a hectic month of moving in December, Christmas collapsed in a heap recovering, and the start of January with Hooman obsessed with thinking about mirrors, blinds, lights, furniture, accessories, etc etc, and a few other things cropping up here and there, we are finally ready to re-enter the blogosphere!  So here's a brief summary of our last couple of months:

Excuse the cardboard box in the background - we still have lots!

We moved house! 

Most people will know of the stresses and strains of moving house and it really did take it out of Hooman more than she thought it would, although coming down with a nasty cold while she was still trying to sort out the old house didn't help.

I have adjusted remarkably well, and after woofing reactively to everything on my first evening (Hooman was terrified what the neighbours would think!), I then slept through the first night, and have been perfectly relaxed since.  Except I do have a bit of a woof when I hear the neighbours door open, just to keep Hooman on her toes, hehe.  All the neighbours love me (we are in a small apartment block but a lovely big flat to run around in) and one neighbour has already looked after me for an evening while Hooman went to a wedding reception!

Our new home has just oodles of windows - great for a nosey spangle like me.  I have spent a long time standing at the window watching the world go by, and giving frankly terrifying little wuffs and grrs to passersby.  I don't know why this makes Hooman laugh so much....

I'm watching you.  All of you....

We had some snow! 

Not as much as Hooman would like - she likes feet of the stuff ideally, but enough for me to run around in it and get it in my ears.  Spangle ears and snow is not a great combo!

This was just the beginning - I had massive earballs by the end of the walk! 

I had a burfday! 

I was THREE yesterday!  I had some treats - my favourite Fish4Dog Sea Wraps (dried sweet potato batons wrapped with dried fish skin), and a new squeaky monkey.

All good spangles need a squeaky monkey!  

We have been invited to Crufts! 

We were very excited to get an email from the Kennel Club last week inviting us to Crufts - we had such fun last year.  We will be writing more about this forthwith...

We have some fun things to review! 

Next in the pipeline is some lovely hand made spaniel bowls from Chow Bella (we are already big fans, so were thrilled when she made us some to match our new kitchen!), and a Panasonic Smart Home monitoring kit.  Hooman is a geek, so is particularly excited about setting this up and spying on me from her mobile phone!

Our new Blogville corner!

Sooo, sorry for the absence, although we have stayed active on all our social media platforms, but hopefully now we have our little corner of Blogville set up (and how girly is this, Hooman loves it, although she is trying to find a pretty white office chair, rather than a dining chair heehee).

Till the next time!