Saturday, 20 June 2015

Photos from Crufts 2015

Hooman has been meaning to share these for ages, but she has been rather caught up in the stresses of buying our new home recently, and kept putting it off!

Nevertheless, we were so privileged to be able to have unlimited access to Crufts this year, that here are some of our favourite photos that she took during our two days there.  We hope you enjoy them! This was also her first proper trip out with her new Nikon DSLR, so a bit of a learning process!


Bichon being beautified

Very handsome St Bernard!

Beautiful Bichon

Cocker and a kilt

Concentrate mum!

I think it's time for a treat!

Hello beardie!

Sleepy setters

A beautifully groomed cocker - this is what I SHOULD look like  :-)

Curious Cav


  1. Great to see you again. We hope you are all settled in your new home now.

    We enjoyed seeing the pictures from Crufts. The cocker looked a lot like our old Charisma dog! Are cockers popular in the UK? We hardly ever see them around here in WNY these days.

    1. Still in the process of buying! Won't be physically moving till around September - all such a headache though!

      English cockers are popular in the UK - rarely see their American counterparts though :-)

  2. Oh that fluffy Bichon! And you are just as beautiful as that last Cocker. hope home buying goes smoothly and quickly for you

  3. Thank you for showing pictures of the dogs at this event. I read about it in the news, but the news never shows the great candid shots of some of the dogs there.

  4. Lovely Dogs, I just wanted to say I think the "Curious Cav" is actually a King Charles Spaniel (aka English Toy Spaniel) not a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :-) Yes, there is a difference! The main one being the Cavaliers have a longer muzzle. I have a 2.5 Year old Cavalier :-) and I think your Cocker is Beautiful :-)