Saturday, 20 June 2015

Photos from Crufts 2015

Hooman has been meaning to share these for ages, but she has been rather caught up in the stresses of buying our new home recently, and kept putting it off!

Nevertheless, we were so privileged to be able to have unlimited access to Crufts this year, that here are some of our favourite photos that she took during our two days there.  We hope you enjoy them! This was also her first proper trip out with her new Nikon DSLR, so a bit of a learning process!


Bichon being beautified

Very handsome St Bernard!

Beautiful Bichon

Cocker and a kilt

Concentrate mum!

I think it's time for a treat!

Hello beardie!

Sleepy setters

A beautifully groomed cocker - this is what I SHOULD look like  :-)

Curious Cav

Friday, 19 June 2015

Giveaway time - win a months supply of Huntland Grain Free dog food!

We are, as always, delighted to do a giveaway in conjunction with our friends at PetShopBowl - this time, we have on offer a months supply (12kg, RRP £59.99) of a high quality grain free food, flavour of your choice, from Huntland dog food.

The sponsors of this giveaway, PetShopBowl, are a nationwide delivery subscription service (although subscribing is not mandatory, you can do one off orders too like any other pet shop site), run by a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to helping you save time and money.  For more information about PetShopBowl, we did a recent review of some of the products on offer and their service last year - you can read it here.

Huntland dog food, as the name suggests, was developed based on what dogs would choose if they were to hunt for their own dinner. Their research showed canines similar to dog’s oldest ancestors wolves choose a grain free diet, eating a mixture of meat, fruit & vegetables,. This concept is the foundation of Huntland Grain Free dog food’s unique formula.

Huntland dog food has only been made possible by using a new patented cooking processes, which allows them to gently cook a grain free diet that includes fresh meat, fruit and vegetables whilst capturing all the great nutrients, antioxidants and goodness for your little hunter. This slow cooking process enhances digestibility and locks in the great taste. In addition, all of their fresh meat comes from trusted ethical sources. This short supply chain ensures the ingredients are freshly delivered every day, producing a superior dry pet food.

The winner of the giveaway will receive the 12kg bag of Huntland Grain Free dog food in the flavour of their choice. And if you don't want to enter for yourself, how about entering to win the prize for a dog rescue?  This giveaway is restricted to UK entries only, unless any of our overseas friends would like to enter on behalf of a friend, or a UK rescue / shelter!

Entry requirements are to sign up to the PetShopBowl newsletter, plus a number of other entries to improve your chances of winning.

Good luck!

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