Sunday, 12 April 2015

Product Review: Hand on Heart Handcrafted silver paw print pendant

Most of the stuff we get asked to review is for Lottie - food, collars, beds etc.  So I was absolutely thrilled recently to be asked to review a specially made piece of jewellery from Hand on Heart Jewellery!  What does this have to do with Lottie?  Read on…..

Who are Hand on Heart Jewellery?

The Hand on Heart studio was set up by sisters Heather and Amanda, after spending years experimenting with silver.  They developed and perfected a technique to transfer images such as handprints and pawprints to silver,  They started making unique pieces for friends and family, creating handprint necklaces, charms, personalised cufflinks and keyrings, to name but a few.  In 2009, the company Hand on Heart was born, creating top quality keepsake jewellery, and the company has grown since with an expanding team.

How does it work? 

We selected the Paw Print heart charm pendant, which would be stamped with a miniaturised version of Lottie's pawprint and engraved with her name.  I also chose to have her kennel name engraved on the back.

To produce the paw print, Hand on Heart send you a special printing kit, containing some very clever paper and a wipe soaked with a natural oil that you wipe over the paw (or hand or foot!) print that you want to print.  I just then pressed Lottie's paw onto the paper, a number of times to make sure we got a usable one, and then cleaned her paw off with a damp towel.  Fairly easy and not too messy!  It helps obviously if you have a cooperative dog, and I did trim a little of Lottie's fur from between her pads, to make a clean an image as possible.

Once you have the prints, you send them back to Hand on Heart, or alternatively as I did, take a high quality photo and email it back to them.  They also keep them on file, in case you want to use them again in the future  And then it's a case of waiting….

We didn't have to wait very long at all - about a week later, I was advised of a parcel waiting for me to pick up at my local delivery office!

What did we get? 

Firstly, everything was very well packaged with lots of bubble wrap keeping the contents safe.  And when we got inside it, beautifully packaged too!  A lovely personalised card with the print that they used, and the jewellery itself in a ribbon bound presentation box, with a smaller jewellery box within. To finish it off, there is the nice touch of two little packets of Sweetheart sweeties!

What did we think?

I am absolutely thrilled with the pendant and have received some compliments on it already, with people asking how it was made.   The pendant itself has a nice weight to it, is highly polished and smooth and is very well made.  Pleasingly, the chain is also a good strong one - invaluable when you have a spangle who insists on greeting you by hugging your neck and chewing on your jewellery! (no joke, I have a diamond cross that she looooves nibbling on….). It has also stood up to the ministrations of a determined five month old baby - no mean feat!

This is an absolutely gorgeous little keepsake and one that I haven't taken off since receiving it. Don't forget, they also do handcrafted jewellery with hand and footprints, they can engrave fingerprints and hand/paw prints into jewellery and have a whole range including pendants, cufflinks, keyrings and Pandora style charms.

The pendant they sent me retails at £95.00, including postage, packaging and a print kit.  You can also opt for added extras like a keyring, personalised ribbon or have the print kit gift wrapped if it is to be a gift for someone.  From start to finish, Ellie (our contact at Hand on Heart) has been fab, updating us on the progress with our lovely little trinket, which  I will treasure for a long time.  The whole process has been a most enjoyable pleasure, and would make a gorgeous gift for parents, grandparents, pet owners, or indeed anyone who wants to create a memory to keep.

This product was provided for review.

And now, a giveaway! 

We are very excited that Hand on Heart Jewellery have kindly sponsored a giveaway to win your very own silver heart charm necklace, retailing at £95. This is open to all, as they will create a pendant especially for you with your choice of paw, hand or footprint, so share this with all your friends, not just the pet lovers!  The competition will run until Monday 4th May 21:00 (bank holiday weekend). This is only open to UK entrants.

Good luck!

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