Sunday, 14 December 2014

Applaws: The truth about pet food labels

More and more (and rightly so), people are getting more concerned about what actually is in their pets food.  Hooman has always been very careful with mine, and one food that she has always considered very highly is Applaws, particularly as they manufacture grain and cereal free food. and their kibble being high in meat content.  It is very similar to the food we currently use, which is free from cereals such as rice, grains, cereals and potato, and it is a food we have used and would use again.

Particularly of late there have been some documentaries, certainly on UK television about the horrors hidden behind the ingredients labels on pet foods.  So often we have heard in forums and groups that people have fed an inferior food because they think they can't afford better food, but sadly this isn't often the case.  Because the superior food is more nutritionally dense, your pet needs less of it, and although the initial outlay may be higher, it actually works out more friendly on your purse over time - the food we use costs just 44 pence a day! 

Applaws have been running a campaign to highlight the truth about pet food labels, and recently sent us a Facebook quiz to try, to see how well we know about food, and also this fantastic infographic below regarding the truth about pet food labels.   

You can find the quiz at - we are pleased to say we got 100%!   The infographic is also very interesting, and we hope you enjoy the quiz! 


  1. Very interesting. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Thank you for the important advice!