Saturday, 25 October 2014

Question of the Month: Norty Pets!

First of all, I must apologise for the low number of posts this month.  It's not that we don't have anything to write about (quite the opposite!), but sometimes other things get in the way!  As a sneaky preview of what is coming up, forthcoming posts include Fireworks/Bonfire Night safety, about six items to review (including a subscription service where we will have FIVE boxes for a giveaway!), a couple of upcoming Woofs With... interviews, including a veterinary surgeon, and a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog owner, Christmas hazards, a look at Christmas gifts for the dogs and dog lovers in your life, some recipes we are trying out, and (because the Hooman has just got a lovely shiny new iPhone 6) lots of gratuitous shots of me, starting with my Halloween costume next week!

Spaniels Tail Question of the  Month Naughty Pets
Me?  Norty?  Never.....

But first of all, it is time for this months Question of the Month from our Facebook page.  This month, we asked "What is the naughtiest thing your pet has ever done?".   Have fun reading them!

  • Sam chewed up the library book his hooman was reading but he was very sorry!
  • When she was little she chewed one of my bestest favourite shoes
  • My Charlie was so upset at being left at the boarding kennels for 3 weeks while my husband and I were overseas visiting family, that he chewed through a metal fence and let all the other dogs out!! (Fortunately, they had another fence a few metres away in case of such escape artists…)
  • After completing her 6 week puppy training, Roxy got hold of her certificate and rosette and destroyed it
  • I wrecked the car seats jumping on them.  £700….
  • Daisy chewed up slippers and shoes
  • Bailey destroyed my expensive D&G prescription glasses. I wasn't there at the time.  I was sitting with my partner later in the evening and went to put them on, and they didn't seem to sit right, all cockeyed and bent and I said, what's the hecks the matter with my glasses. It turned out he'd found Bailey with them in his mouth, and put them back away, he wasn't going to tell me! Who is the naughtiest?!
  • A friend had popped in to see me and put her bag of shopping down in the hall. Bertie came into the living room with a cellophane wrapper which had contained 6 fruit scones!!! Margaret just laughed as she had a boxer. Enough said....
  • Daisy eats plants. But only the good ones.... "DAISY - DESTROYER OF PLANTS!"
  • While my Hooman was in the shower I went exploring and decided to try digging through the lounge (cushions on sofa destroyed).. My Hooman didn't understand.. A week later I decided to match things up so now the 'arm' looks the same! I is so cleverer!
  • Bernie may have enjoyed chewing my Blackberry, or maybe he was trying to take a selfie
  • Misty isn't really naughty. Except on walks in the park and if she smells a squirrel or sees one she is off like a bolt of lightning oblivious to our calls. She can be mischievous though. She always comes upstairs for lie in on our bed in the morning while we drink our tea and then shower. Then when I try to move her to make the bed she starts rolling on her back refusing to move. The more I pull the quilt the more she thinks I am playing and bites the quilt growling. I usually give up and go downstairs!
  • She ate a copy of the New Testament.
  • Howard's favourite chew toy when he was a puppy was his daddy's prescription glasses - three pairs down within 2 months!
  • Dukey ate through daddy's new flip flops on his birthday while they were on the floor in front of him
  • In a week my first spangle chewed through the brand new Dyson cable, then the cable for the internet and lastly the power cable for a laptop! Think he didn't like electrics. Then when I got my second spangle he chewed through the cable for the blast drier, the internet cable (sure the other one put him up to it) and then lastly the cable for an extension lead! I'm not getting a third!
  • I had a good chew at hooman brothers passport, plus digging everywhere in the garden, luv Poppy
  • Teddy has thing for slippers
  • Peed on the babies favourite toy
  • Our 2 Rotty X's destroyed our sofa totally when we went out for the day. Total devastation.
  • Chewed through one of the phone lines at work (a vets!). To be fair, he was only a few months old at the time - he wouldn't do anything that naughty now!
  • I once stole a cupcake. It might not sound naughty but they were not impressed. Both mummy and daddy had gone upstairs and daddy had put half his cupcake back in the box on the table. I jumped up on the sofa so I could reach the table. Got the cupcake out of the box and ate it. Closed the box again and quietly left the room
  • Veggie destroyed my Montblanc Smartphone case... mistaken it as a bone?!
  • My beautiful gold spaniel was always full of mischief. Aside from being the biggest escape artist, one of the (cutest) naughtiest things I remember was him stealing a container of chocolate coated ginger, sucking the chocolate off and carefully placing all the ginger neatly in a row on the floor.
  • I'm Bella and I stole my hooman's new cookery book off the table and chewed it up when she went out and left me - the food looked so good I wanted to try it but she was cross and said I was naughty!
  • Widget ran away for a whole hour! We had 12 people looking for her at 7.30 in the morning. She was finally found, after lots of stress and tears, back on my doorstep. She'd run 2 miles home and crossed a busy road! Naughty Widget!
  • Mr. Moose likes to take all the tasty smelling garbage out of the garbage can and move it to the living room (while Mommy is sleeping) then chew MOST of it up, leaving evidence as to his naughtiness.
  • My name is Loki & I am a cat poo eating addict

And we always like to find our favourite….
  • Oscar stole some of my knickers and was throwing them around when they landed on the fire, went up in a ball of flames and set my new rug on fire!!

As always, thank you to everyone who contributed their story - we would love to hear any others in the comments below, and if you would like to be involved in our next Question of the Month, make sure you come and follow our Facebook page!  


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  2. Twinkle, new therapy dog, brought a little poo onto the couch to play with where my therapy client was sitting.


  3. Looks like a great month coming up here. Wow that is a pawsome list of chewing mischief. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly