Monday, 27 October 2014

Product Review: Wag 'n' Go travel bag

All dog owners will know what I am talking about, when I say that it can be astounding the sheer amount of STUFF that you need to take when you travel with your dog.  Poo bags, food and food bowls, water bowls, treats, somewhere for them to sleep . . . doesn't sound like much, but actually is!

Well, a company called Wag 'n' Go have come up with an innovative solution to this - a rather nifty little duffel bag design that cleverly includes all of those things in one functional design!

About Wag 'n' Go

Wag 'n' Go was originally the brainchild of Trina, who had a new puppy she was travelling with. As she tried to get everything together that she needed to take with her for the pup, she realised she had more luggage for the dog than herself! So she went about designing a solution, which had to meet three simple criteria:
  • It had to give her dog the comforts of home
  • It had to all be packaged in an easy an stylish travel bag
  • It would have to work in a number of situations - a holiday, a day trip, a day at the office or when left with friends
And the Wag 'n' Go travel bag was born....

So what's in the Wag 'n' Go travel bag?

We were very excited to try this out - Hooman doesn't have a car, plus occasionally when she goes away for a business trip, I stay with friends of ours, often accompanied by various plastic bags containing food, bowls, bedding etc.  This goes a LONG way towards solving lots of problems!

The best way to see what is packed inside this little bag is in pictures!

Nice bag!  What's in it?

Mesh pockets to stash treats and a handy poo bag dispenser!

This looks like a very snuggly fleecy blankie!

Hooman, all these bowls and you have forgotten to fill them?!

What did we think?

All this stuff in such a little bag! 

We love this bag - it is such a useful thing to have.  Trina told Hooman that owners use it for all sorts of things - holidays, day trips, staying with friends, and even as an emergency doggy bag in earthquake prone regions!  As the bowls are water tight and have a date indicator on the top, they will keep kibble fresh for quite a while - chuck an unopened tray of wet food (as I have mixed with my kibble) in there, and just keep to one side until needed! The blanket is thick and soft - great for a picnic in the summer, or as an impromptu bed or sofa cover if visiting friends or holiday accommodation, and even extra pockets and an all important poo bag dispenser thrown in!  Lastly, it has a comfortable padded handle, to keep things comfy for your owners.

We think this is a fantastic design - the only thing we thought we would like to add is a water bottle - Hooman doesn't much like using bought water (waste of plastic), and would rather have the option of filling a bottle at home, but you can buy reusable bottles fairly cheaply - one with a attachment to hang it off the handle would be great!  The pop out silicon water bowl is fantastic though and just folds up flat when not in use.

Overall top barks Wag 'n' Go - anything that makes travelling with your furry friend a little easier, gets the paws up from us!

The Wag 'n' Go bag can be bought from their website here, for £45 in the UK.
Click here to find stockists in other countries.

This product was provided for review.


  1. What a cool bag! Mom needs to purchase one of those, then she'll have to excuse for not taking us on a trip! Great review, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a great idea Lottie for the pup that goes out and about but as I get badly car sick we seldom go anywhere. Great for holidays for those that go. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly