Saturday, 6 September 2014

Question of the Month: It had to be you!

This month's QOTM over on our Facebark page, was about that "moment of truth" - what made you choose your pet?  Was it a look, a deed, a photo?  We had an amazing response!  Some were cute, some were heartwarming, and a couple heartbreaking, but we loved every one.  The outpouring of love in these responses was overwhelming.

We haven't added all the photos that were included as we didn't ask permission to use them here - if you would like to see them (and they are awfully lovely!), then clicky here to see the thread.  

  • Kali was pulling on Beth's belt while Beth was holding her sister, she was just very cute and very cheeky
  • Bailey was the first to come say hello. Dora was the prettiest!
  • I was at a pool in my old apartments just relaxing and reading when I noticed two boys who had a bag between them, thinking nothing of it I started to go back to my book when I started listening more, they were putting the bag in the water for a minute and pulling it out and laughing, except I heard meowing in the bag, so thinking quickly I pulled out my cellphone and pretended to call 911 to report animal abuse, immediately the kids dropped the bag and ran. Quickly I stood up and took the bag home, there was two kittens, one sadly had died and the other was a grey Maine coon tabby, who my ex named Spunky.  My ex and I broke up about two or three months later and I kept the cat! 
  • As soon as I picked my baby Moose up he started giving me kisses.....his brother was just interested in going to play.
  • His eyes did it for us, as soon as we saw his ad online
  • I knew I wanted a blue roan little girl and fell in love when I saw this picture of Misty. Couldn't wait to meet her and she seemed to like both my husband and me. We brought her home and she has been a joy, the best dog ever and everyone who meets her loves her. I couldn't be without her.
  • Ava chose me, just climbed up on me and fell asleep snuggling and I never wanted to stop the cuddle
  • Tilly here chose us really as she climbed onto my sons knee & did a wee all over his school uniform haha bond created instantly
  • I chose Tucker, because of his freckles and that he fell asleep in my sister's arms, but he instantly become my buddy. Also his personality. He was 6 weeks old when he joined the family, after my black Cocker Spaniel, Shadow passed away
  • Meg was the only girl and whenever there was mischief, she was the cause, that why we chose her
  • My daughter chose Ruby, <the breeder> chose Penny for us.
  • It was love at first sight - picked Howard from this picture- drove 8 hours that night to pick him up!
  • How could I say no to this little baby, my Grace
  • Our dog Teddie had just died and my mom and I were heartbroken. my friend who runs a rescue organization whom we got Teddie form said she had another dog for us when we were mom went and took one look at skippy and it was love at first sight/ she had to have him. we brought him home that day.
  • No explanation required...He had me with a single picture in our local newspaper, he's come such a long way from the rescue centre
  • When we walked into the conservatory where the puppies were one lab puppy came up to me and started to chew my shoe laces. 3 years later and Ella still likes to do it now.
  • it took me ages to convince my mom to let me have a border collie, but when she finally said i could i looked for ages and kept coming back to this little fellow, i kept looking because she wouldn't let me have this one because he had a hernia and would cost a lot to get it removed but finally i convinced her to let me have this one as they was just something special about him, turns out his mother and himself was shut in a small understair room they did smell awful, all because the farmer was not going to sell a pup with a hernia to another farmer as it was bad for his reputation and because he couldn't breed Busters mother again, but I love him to bits!
  • I saw my dog on a rescue website and fell in love with her! 
  • Orla actually appeared to pick us. When we went to see the litter, there was 2 little girls and of the 2, Orla snuggled her nose inside my shirt and started to go to sleep. How could we refuse?
  • Dad picked me cuz he read that Itailian Greyhounds could be litterbox trained. See, Dad has Spina Bifida and walks on crutches. It took a few months but I got it. I'm smart!
  • I went to pick a cocker pup from about 5 left of the litter. I asked the seller if we could place the pups several yards away from me, and see who came to me. One puppy only came to me, the others wandered off. We did this 3 times with identical results. I knew Nicholas was the one and he came home with me. Interestingly, I called the seller several months later hoping against hope there was a litter mate of Nicholas's still unsold. Amazingly, the seller said Nicholas's sister was available. The seller's daughter had claimed her but then decided she wanted another kind of dog. I didn’t think twice or ask to see Bella first. I went and got her immediately, and she and Nicholas are besties. A match made in heaven for all of us. 
  • Got my furboy for my OH parents but I fell in love with him at first sight and so when we took him there to live, I cried all the way back, all night, overnight until the next morning when my OH called his parents to say we wanted him back. Love him more than life itself
  • I went with a friend to help him choose his puppy.  He fell asleep on my boot. That was it. I had to bring him home. Never made a better decision. He chose me. I am blessed that he did!
  • I rescued him from his old family, because he was suffering abuse!  He is now a very beloved dog (translated)
  • My boy dog was found on the side of the road at 3 months old and terrified of guys, a customer at work gave him to me. there was no question about getting him to me, he needed a home and i had lost my Willie Wally a few months before. we flipped a coin for my girl dog b/c i wanted a male n my husband wanted a female, and his coin toss worked so she came home with us that day, the only bad thing about them is that they are the worst bedhogs!
  • I had my first cocker Gizmo for 14 years I was totally heart broken so Christmas we'll November 4 years ago that my wife June brought me Abe. 
  • We pulled up at this woman's house who was selling him and all I saw was this little face come around her leg and when I saw his tail going like a rocket I knew he was coming with me. 
  • And to pay me back when I picked him up he bit my ear playing made it bleed so in fact not master and dog but blood brothers. 
  • Her previous owner contacted me when I advertised for a cocker spaniel. I visited and she threw herself at me and I looked into those beautiful eyes and knew. She got in my car an hr later so trusting and quiet. Never looked back
  • I could not resist the playfulness, and how much love my boy gave me when I first met him. He fell right in to my arms as if to tell me he was meant to come home with daddy and I
  • A year after losing our springer we decided there was enough room in our hearts to love another pup. When we went to the breeders she pointed out the cheeky one,the quiet one and the sleepy one etc. Cotto promptly fell asleep in our arms and when i was leaving he pushed through his siblings and put his little paw up to my hand. 3 months later and he's the boss 
  • I was chosen by Tessie Llewelyn (also a spangle..).....she slapped me in the face with her tiny paw. That was 8yrs ago and she hasn't stopped slapping since!
  • My youngest boy chose me 8 weeks ago when he was 6 weeks. We were in the breeders garden and all pups were play fighting and he kept running back to us wanting to be cuddled or just sit by my feet. He was also the runt and i fell in love! My older girl was the calmest of her litter which i thought best suited my lifestyle at the time and she was so squidgy and cuddly. I love them like children! 

And finally, the pic above was taken the day that Hooman chose me.  I climbed determinedly up her front to nibble on her chin, and then crashed out in her arms for an hour or two.  So maybe this last one is the most true....

  • All the reasons you listed but most of all I think they choose us!

We hope you have enjoyed these stories as much as we have and thank you to everyone who contributed!  Don't forget you can check the thread and see all the photos that people shared here.  We will be starting a new QOTM soon, so keep an eye out for it over on our Facebook page.  

And of course, if any of you have any stories to share, then use the comments box below!  


  1. Wow - amazing response! I found Shiner in an alley as a puppy. We think some people in a nearby apartment couldn't keep her there and decided an alley would be a good place instead... So, I took her!

    1. It really was an amazing response! And sounds to me like Shiner found the perfect place to be - lucky baby :-)

  2. Those are such great stories. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  3. Those are amazin' stories!!! Ma picked her furst doggie cause she was the one who pulled her shoelaces!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Such amazing stories!! Thanks for sharing! Happy b&w Sunday!

  5. We all have our own story don't we! Have a great Sunday!

  6. We loved reading this!! Harley and Charlie really found us....Both were rescues that were paired up with us. I think it was all about time and being in the right place at the right time. We constantly ask ourselves how we could have gotten so lucky <3 Thank you for sharing this!

  7. What sweet stories! I think we all remember the moment we fell in love with our pets.

    Wags and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  8. Great stories. Ours started off as a random encounter, an offer to help look after a rescued puppy and the rest is history. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. PAWsome! What a great idea to do and Golden Thanks for sharing. Golden Woofs

  10. HI Y'all!

    Why don't you ask the dogs why they choose the Humans? You know we do, don't you? It's just that y'all aren't always listening.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog