Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Question of the Month: Clever pets!

A Spaniels Tail: Question of the Month Clever Pets
Me being clever!
It's time for another QOTM, and this months question over on our Facebook page was:

"What is your pets cleverest trick?"

A whole range of answers! We enjoyed reading these - we hope you enjoy them too! There are some clever pets, not so clever pets and some downright sneaky ones!
  • Buster is sticking his tongue out on command
  • Beau waits for his treat while it's on his paw
  • Buddie will stay forever, I can go in the car and he won't move!!! Till I TELL him!!!!
  • Smiling!
  • My hooman keeps giving me treats when I dance on my back legs, silly hooman I'm just reaching for more treats!
  • Our last achievment was play dead!
  • We rescued Gimli from Blue Cross and we've taught him to roll over for a treat
  • Flying for the frisbee.
  • Just being cute
  • Widget's is being able to go invisible so she can sneak up the stairs back onto my bed!
  • Escapologist! Barnaby jumps the 5ft Gate.
  • Archie's way of controlling us to get a tummy tickle. He knows we find him just too cute to resist. Note, he has not been taught to do this just worked out what gets him attention (Editors note: the accompanying photo had Archie sitting like a very cute meerkat!)
  • Removing my footwear!
  • I have a very cute wave and I ride a skateboard.
  • High fiving!
  • Sneaking onto the big bed in the middle of the night
  • Steal socks from the dryer!
  • Kol's best trick is collecting the mail
  • Our most impressive trick is that we've trained our humans. We wake up at 7, start wheeking and keep going until she comes out of the bedroom and feeds us. But the most daring of all is Spock who manages to make the human male give up his couch only for Spock to be able to run around freely. He even made the humans cut a door in his cage so he could have free access to the couch. (Editors note. not dogs, guinea pigs!!)
  • Hiding my house keys in her bed so that I couldn't leave for work!
  • I have 2. My Rickey , a Cocker Spaniel, crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago but I still tell his stories. He taught himself to use the water cooler. One day I heard the glug of the water going into the reservoir and there he was getting himself a fresh beverage. And he used to take his paw and hit the spring that kept the closet door from hitting the wall to get my attention for a treat, again self taught. My boy was a genius.
  • Ruby lifts her hind leg when I ask her "How do boys pee?"
  • Pinching a double decker from under hoomans hand and eating it without busting the wrapper open ??? And then being so handsome hooman didn't even tell me off.
  • Our last dog could climb trees....out current dog only sits....
  • To show up when not pleased...
  • Crawling under the couch when it's time for his medicine!! And it's a trick, cause he's a chunky little Chihuahua!!!
  • Pretending to be asleep when it's time to comb his ears or clean them xx
  • Scooter fields a ball better than a soccer player, a game which he completely taught himself with a basketball. Lacey Jane will chase any live water, when it comes down the irrigation ditch, she will pick rocks and move them out of its path.
  • The way he used to beg for his treats

And our favourite....
  • Hypnotising me to give her anything she wants...

Thank you to everyone who participated in this months question - we absolutely appreciate all your participation!


  1. When I have to do pee pee, I ring my bell that's hanging by the door
    Lily (& Edward)

    1. I've got one of those too! Hooman loves it when she hears it at 5:00am....

  2. My Reilly learned sign language so the kids at the deaf school can talk to him :)

  3. Bentley sits on his rear like a human and does a great slo-mo death scene!

  4. Does 'sit and stay' count??! I know it sounds simple, butts when your a hyperbutt 60lb terrier on a walk and Ma tells me to 'sit ~ stay' and I do, she is mighty happy! Oh, I also do a pawsome high-five wave
    Ruby ♥

  5. We both high five and I, Mitch, know how to play dead, Lottie!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. My little sis Bailie can rollover, but we don't do too many tricks other than the standard stuff. We pose well for almost any photo which could be a trick I guess.

  7. Haha hynoptising me to do anything... a worthy trick!

  8. That was a great read, thank you for joining the blog hop!! My favorite was, "How do boys pee?"

    Delilah lifts her leg already, so I just have to add the command and see if I can 'train' it in to her!!

  9. Mr. N knows how to "play" the piano and push a cart.

  10. Wow those are some clever pets. Kol's made us laugh with collecting the post rather than shredding it. Have a tremendous Thursday Lottie.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Those are very clever. Thanks so much for joining the hop!