Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Product Review: Fish4Dogs range of complete food and treats

Fish4Dogs were generous enough to send us a bumper pack of goodies to try out! We are not completely new to Fish4Dogs, but all bar one of the products were new to us, so I was drooly mouthed waiting for them!

So many goodies!

Who are Fish4Dogs?

It isn't a surprise that Fish4Dogs specialise in fish products, but they produce a range of high quality treats and food and have established a reputation for their products. The fish is sourced from a number of small fish farms along the Norwegian coast, all of which operate under a strict set of controls and licences, to ensure the healthiest fish possible. Sourcing and sustainability are at the top of their priority list. They also carry out the manufacturing process in Norway, to be as close as possible to the source ingredients.

Kali & I waiting to sample some of the delicious fishy treats!

About Fish4Dogs products

Fish4Dogs product a range of nutritionally complete food and treats.

Two varieties of complete
Fish4Dogs complete food
There are a number of varieties: in the Finest range that we sampled, there is Salmon, White Ocean Fish, plus specialist kibble for puppies and small breeds. Fish4Dogs pride themselves on the fact that they do not store food in silo's (as some other companies may) but instead iimmediately pack the food into bags for freshness. The kibble is comprised of simple ingredients, namely fish, potatoes and various vitamins and minerals. As soon as the kibble finished cooking, it is coated in salmon oil (produced from the same fisheries) and left to cool.  The fish is an easily digestible form of protein, and the high levels of Omega oils contribute towards healthy skin and mobile joints, all important for keeping your pooch in tip top working order!

Which treat to try first!
(wrap on left, jerky on right)
Fish4Dogs treats
Fish4Dogs don't let anything go to waste, and make delicious, healthy, low fat and low calorie treats out of the fish skins, in varous shapes and guises (twists, wraps,.sea jerky, tiddlers and jumbo sized chews). Some are pure fish skin products, whereas others include tasty ingredients such as sweet potato. They also produce a range of mousses, namely Salmon and Trout, which can be enjoyed on their own or to complement a meal.

Our verdict and where to buy

All products are available direct from Fish4Dogs, as well as other online and retail stores. We have put links to the products on the Fish4Dogs website, plus a price guide at the end of each product. Fish4Dogs also offer free delivery - top marks!

Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Dog Food
Hooman is always a little careful when we get sent food for review, as obviously she can't just change my food over just for a change (you should always change your dogs kibble over gradually, ideally over a 7-10 day period). However, she does add a handful to my regular food and tries me on it as training treats, and the results were very positive, aka I acted like a loon for them! They sent us two varieties to try, the Salmon and the White Ocean Fish. All their kibble is grain free (Hooman refuses to feed me any grain kibble so we were delighted about that) and includes ingredients such as potato and pea. They also offer a "No Quibble Kibble Guarantee", so they will refund your money if your dog doesn't like it. How great is that! Although I can safely say that wasn't the case in this household - this is actually one of the kibbles on Hoomans much researched list of "Hooman Approved" kibbles. The Finest range is available from £8.30 (1.5kg) to £49.00 (12kg).

A Kong full of
salmon mousse!
Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse
Now I have had this before, right from puppyhood in fact. Hooman has added it to my dindins, given me some as a treat, or more recently, stuffed my Kong with it. It comes in handy small sachets which Hooman finds useful (she doesn't like having to open mahoosive packets of wet food when she doesn't give me a huge amount at once) and keeps pretty well in the fridge. High paws for this one - it is already a favourite in this household. The Mousse range is priced from £1.00 for a single sachet, all the way through to £30.00 for a box of 42.

Fish4Dogs Sea Wrap Treats
These were really interesting - chewy sweet potato batons wrappped in fish skins. These were almost like toffee for dogs and did get stuck in my teefs a little! But I really enjoyed them and so did my friend Kali the Cavachon who helped me sample some of my Fish4Dog goodies. Even more fantastic about these is that they are only 7 calories a treat, so great for doggies watching their waistline! Prices for the Sea Wraps range from £3.70 for a 100g bag, through to £32.00 for a box of ten bags.  Click here for the variety treats range.

Tucking into some jerky!
Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky
We were sent these in the "skinny strip" variety, but they come in a variety of shapes, eg twists, squares, tiddlers and whoppers, so can suit all sizes and shapes of dogs. As the wraps, these are great low calorie tasty treats (if rather fishy smelling but hardly surprising) that have a rough texture, which makes them additionally great for removing tartar from dogs teeth. I have had these in the twist form before and love them - they are crunchy, crispy and chewy all at once, and I can breathe my fishy breath into Hooman's face afterewards. which she greatly appreciates. For the skinny strips, prices range from £4.00 for a 100g bag. through to £72.00 for a ginormous 4kg box. Click here for the jerky range.

We are big, big fans of Fish4Dogs and having tried quite a range of products now, through this review and through personal purchases, we don't have a bad word to say about them. The mixture of natural ingredients, the ethical sourcing of ingredients and the fact that the treats are so healthy and low calorie, makes these products top paw products in our eyes!

These products were provided for review.


  1. Oh my dog...I love fish and I have never heard of this company! I will have to pop over to their site and see what they have! *licks chops* So glad you enjoyed the Fosh4Dogs!

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    Best wishes Molly

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    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Never heard of this before but I bet it is pretty tasty. Norway is known of fish and fishing.

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