Thursday, 10 July 2014

Question of the Month: Cute Habits!


Over on my Facebook page, the Question of the Month was:

 What is your pets cutest habits?

Some very sweet responses - enjoy!  And don't forget to add your own in the comments below.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the next Question of the Month.

  • Giving mummy cuddles! 
  • Pearly likes to have a dee-dee (dummy/pacifier) for sleeps!
  • Widget always brings me a toy, even if she only saw me 2 minutes earlier.
  • After I've come in from work, walked her, fed her and done whatever else, as soon as I finally sit down on the sofa Orla jumps up into my lap and just looks me in straight in the face for about a minute while I rub her ears. Then she will settle down in her spot and stretch out
  • Misty always come back upstairs after my husband has got up to check I am making a move to get out of bed. If not she lies on me, licks me all over my face then sits on my head. At this point I give in and get up lol
  • Mines taken to taking her owl with her on walks and owlie has to go or there's trouble
  • Because she thinks she's a hooman! She sleeps like a hooman! Flat on her back
  • Sitting at the bottom of the stairs every morning squeaking away ready to greet with teddy in mouth & tail wagging 100 mph
  • I have to say howling in his sleep can't get a photie now but my breeder got be of him doing it at 4 weeks old
  • Hannelore & Rudy like to do "roll over dogs" on their backs
  • Millie's cutest habit is sitting like a meerkat!
  • My cocker Parker's cutest habit is him scratching his blanket into a ball to get it just the way he wants it to sleep on it.
  • Jamie the cocker's cutest habit is sitting nicely when we open the fridge in case a carrot appears for him. Elvis the bunny's cutest habit is throwing himself down on the floor and rolling around before going to sleep 
  • Rescue Molly has too many! If I'm sitting on the grass outside in the sun on our cold Winter mornings, she will come & jump arms around my neck & full body hug me, then fall in my lap roll on her back, & smile & laugh.
  • Willy only has 3 1/2 legs but so sweet when he runs
  • Kali cutest habit is sliding down the sand dunes on her belly. I am going to video it next time. She gets to the bottom looks at me - says in doggy speak that was fun and runs up to do it again



  1. Ma says my cutest habit is lying in front of the pantry, like I am starving to death, and waiting for someone to come and give me a treat. :-O

    1. That's cos Hoomans don't realise we ARE starving to death, a mere ten minutes after mealtimes... :-)

  2. Now this post certainly puts a smile on your face in the morning :)

    1. Doesn't it just! I really enoy collecting the answers for these QOTM posts :-)

  3. those are so cute! Dakota has a cute habit of grabbing his red, white and blue ball whenever we return from ANYWHERE! We could be gone 5 minutes and he will pick it up and prance through the living room while I sing "Hooray for the red, white and blue!!"

  4. These all make me smile! Daisy's cute habit (one of many) is "talking" to her "baby". She has a couple favorite plush toys that have been practically loved-to-death, and she will be in the other room playing with one of them and I can hear her making mumbling noises at it. I've tried to catch her on video but she always hears me coming! LOL

    1. Aw, that is so sweet :-). Lottie isn't really much of a talker like that, but I do love it when she does talk!

  5. Mom loves when we drool while waiting for a treat!

  6. Lovely site. Mom is too tired to write what we do that is cute. I'm a puppy and Have worn her put!!!

    Twinkle from

  7. Maggie's cutest habit is sleeping on her back with her paws in the air. I love when she does it.