Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dogs & Children Part 3: Top 10 Safety Tips

In the last post, we looked at how Hoomans should be teaching children to interact with dogs, but of course, we can't expect children or dogs to behave perfectly at all times!  So here are some top safety tips for children and dogs to live harmoniously together.

  1. Use the infographic in the previous post to teach children how to treat dogs with kindness and respect
  2. Teach children to never ever approach an unfamiliar dog on its own (eg left outside a shop or no owner nearby)
  3. If they do know the dog, or the owner is nearby, always check with the owner of the dog before approaching them.
  4. When permission has been given, approach the dog by holding out their hand and letting the dog sniff it.   If the dog seems happy and relaxed with a wagging tail, only then should the child stroke the dog.
  5. Children should learn never to creep up (intentionally or unintentionally) on a dog but rather approach from the side, so as to not startle and frighten the dog
  6. Instruct children to always alert an adult if they should see a dog loose in the neighbourhood.  Again, tell them that they should never approach a dog they do not know.
  7. If a child feels threatened by a dog, they should roll into a ball with their head to the ground, covering their face with their hands, until the dog gets bored and moves away.
  8. Do not allow rough chase or tuggy games between young children and dogs - the dog may become overexcited and inadvertently hurt or scare the child.
  9. Teach every member of the household to groom, train and feed the family dog.
  10. Never leave babies and young children unattended with a dog, no matter how much you trust the family pet.
The UK Kennel Club also runs a great scheme called Safe and Sound - to look at their promotional material, click here.  There are promotional posters and teachers notes, with the aim of teaching children to "speak dog".

With a little bit of common sense, there is no reason why dogs and children cannot be the best of friends - if you enjoyed this, you may enjoy the other posts in the series - check them out below.

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  5. Great series, wish we could require all parents to take a training course.

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  7. I will add: Don't let your children ride the dog like a horse. I actually saw a picture of this posted today....ugg.

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