Friday, 13 June 2014

Question of the Month: Yucky Pets!

I have decided once a month to ask a probing questchin over on my Faceybook page, and collect the answers for publingcashun here!

The first questchin was inspired by me bringing a HUGE slug in at bedtime, wrapped round my front paw. Hooman didn't notice until she asked for "paw" in return for my bedtime bikkie.  Then she had to pull it off - they have good grip them sluggies!

So the questchin was "Whar is the most disgusting thing you have hexperienced with your pets?"

  • ....will very often eat something she shouldn't. Which sometimes results in her been sick normally all over my bedroom carpet! Little monkey! 
  • One of my cats is prone to upper respiratory infections. She loves to sleep up next to my head, between mine and my husband's head. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up with big, slimy, nasty snot wads in my hair...
  • My doggies bring yukky sluggies in too, but sometimes we don't realise until they climb onto the sofa for a cuddle and we stroke our hands over something horrid and slimy!!! Ick!!
  • Ummm disgusting thing? Nothing really other than him pooping under the table when he didn't know how to let us know he had to go outside to handle his business yet!
  • our 2 cats love to bring us headless mice....then the dog eats them....
  • We live in Florida so we have tons of lizards.  My dogs love to chase them and try to catch them but most of the time they are much to fast.  One day one of my dogs got lucky and caught one.  He brought it to me so proud and dropped the dead and bloody lizard in my hand.  I think I hurt his feelings when I threw it down and started screaming!
  • Our dog Tino was old and blind and got stuck in the back bathroom once and lost control of his bowels...and then walked around in it for 10 minutes before we realized he was stuck in there.
  • It had to be when I had just painted the kennels and Piers went out rolled in cow pats then wiped it all round my new painted walls !!!!! (Editors note, Piers is me daddy!  Like father, like daughter....)
  • Sadie ate a shoelace once and it passed all the way through her, until it got stuck in the exit. I had to pull the entire thing out of her little butt.
  • ....partial to eating the cat poo and litter! She would rummage around in there for a tasty poop and chomp away! Leaving evidence of cat litter in her beard and breath that stank like ........
So what's YOUR most disgusting hexperience?

Lottie x

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  1. Ew! A slug!? Nasty!
    Well....there was a time when my male husky cocked his leg and PEED all over me....yea, that was pretty nasty!
    Thanks for linking up to our pet parade blog hop!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. I didn't mind - Hooman squeaked though! And norty husky :-)

  2. Um, we'd tell but Jan won't talk about yucky things.She has a low yuck tolerance. :)

    1. Haha - Hoomans tolerance is fairly low too :-)

  3. Soooo gross! I hate finding slugs in the house, sometimes they get in through the dog door, but not on the dog himself. Ick! Thanks for sharing on the Pet Parade!

  4. Yuck to slugs and we have had enough of them and the snails munching everything.
    Happy Farther's day to your daddy and have a lovely serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. This is a great idea! I was wondering if you could maybe ask your Facebook fans for advice on dogs with hayfever. This is my chihuahua's first Summer and her eyes are always watering when I take her out. The vet says it is hayfever so I have antihistamines to give her and I clean her eyes daily with cool boiled water. The vet said it is quite common in dogs, especially toy dogs like chihuahuas because they are small and close to the grass (and they have more protruding eyes) I just wondered if any dog owners knew of any cures or any tips to reduce the effects? Thank you!

    1. Your Summer Season posts are great - so maybe you could do a post about doggie hayfever! Thank you!

    2. That was going to be my next one! But big thank you, I love to get requests for posts! :-) x