Thursday, 26 June 2014

Product Review: Gor Pets Cuddle Soft Giant Tortoise

Hooman and I were lucky enough to be sent some cool things to try out from the lovely people at Gor Pets this week.  First up is this HUMUNGOUS pink furry tortoise!

Now I did get very excited when I saw this toy - Hooman wanted to take a pic of it before I got my paws on it, and she had to shut me out of the room while she did so - I was a whirligig!  This is my expectant face....

A Spaniels Tail Gor Pet Cuddle Soft Giant Tortoise Review

The Cuddle Soft Tortoise is a huge pink, very soft, furry tortoise, with long legs.  It is marketed as follows: 

"This gorgeous cuddly tortoise crinkles, scrumples, honks and squeaks and the legs are perfect for shaking and flapping."

A Spaniels Tail Gor Pet Cuddle Soft Giant Tortoise Review

When Hooman finally let me loose on it, they were quite right!  The legs all have a great crinkly sound, the feet have squeakies in, and the belly has a big goose honk like squeaky!  It certainly kept me occupied for quite a while! 

A Spaniels Tail Gor Pet Cuddle Soft Giant Tortoise Review

Now, I am not really a "Destroyer of Toys" like some canines I know.  One doggy friend chews those extra tough rope toys into shreds quite happily - this toy wouldn't last two minutes with him!  However, this is a well made quality toy, and if your doglet is like me, who loves their soft toys (I've put a small hole in one since being a tiny pup, and that is the limit of my destructive career!), then they would absolutely love this gorgeous soft tortoise, with its honking, squeaking, crinkly sound effects.  It would also be awesome as a comfortaer for a a puppy, due to being so big and soft - this tortoise is a big girl at 22"!

Lottie x

To find a Gor Pet stockist, click here.

This product was provided for review. 


  1. I have never heard of Gor Pets but that toy is adorable! Are they outside of the U.S.? Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. I think at the moment they are only distributing throughout the UK, but there is a linky in the post about stockists :-)

  2. What an adorable toy! I have no doubt that my two would chew through it in 30 seconds. Even the "indestructible" toys are no match for them. Definitely keeping this in mind for a future puppy though. They all seem to love the big, fluffy toys :)

  3. Hi, I'd not heard of these toys before. I found them searching for a new collar online on a site called dog accessories ( I found :-) I'm very tempted with an octopus for my boys birthday. Think I'll give it a go, thanks for the review.