Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Today I have been mostly....

Today I have mostly been barkin at nuffin in the garden. I find this is yoosful on a Sunday, to keep Hooman on her paws. She wus very tired today after makin a biiiiiiig cake yestaday, so I wuz being helpful by keeping her awake.

It wuz a nice day for a walk. Hooman wuz nearly ecstatical as she fort I wuz going to be as clean and dry after walkies as before. Silly Hooman. Just as she fort she wuz outsmarting me (ha!) by avoiding the duckie pond, I made a run for it and had a little paddly.

I weed on 12 molyhills today, a new record!

Lottie x

1 comment:

  1. Boy can I relate, Lottie! My silly hooman is ALWAYS trying to outsmart me! HA! As if! Silly hoomans...
    xo, Destiny