Monday, 5 May 2014

Bloomin' Bells & Barbincues!

Had a MAZING weekend! Got really muddy twice, sat pretty in the bloomin' bells for the Hooman to take some foties (I hoomer her now and again) and I got to go to my fust barbingcue. 

Oh my goodness - barbingcues are MAZING too! The Hooman made me wait till effrywun had stuffed their faces, but then she let me have a sossinge and a bit of bugger (that can't be the rite spelling?). It was so good, I didn't mind her using it to mek me do tricks. "Sit, down, speak, twirl, spin, paw, high five" you name it! Wurf it for sossinge and bugger though.

Hope yoo all had mazing weekends too!

Lottie x

Lottie English cocker spaniel golden red bluebells

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  1. Lottie you look adorable amongst the bluebells and glad you had a great weekend. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly