Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sepia Saturday #1

The Hooman is quite fond of this shot.  Probably cos I'm out and about, and she managed to take it while I was still clean....

Lottie x

Canine Behaviour: Doggie Body. Language

The Hooman originally shared this infographic during National Bite Prevention Week, over on my Faceybook page. If Hoomans took the time to look at and interpret doggy body language, a lot of bites could be prevented - it is rare that there is no warning signs. Dogs under stress exhibit typical signs such as yawning, licking lips, and tense posture - hopefully you will find this poster helpful. I think this poster is grate!

Lottie x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Product Review: Woof-Box

I was much excited this week to receive a sample box from the kind people over at Woof-Box.  So what is Woof-Box exactly?

A Spaniel's Tail Woof Box Review

Woof-Box is a monthly subscription service, catering to doglets of all ages and sizes, sending on average 5-7 goodies each month.  These can include treats, chews, toys, gadgets, supplements, hygiene and grooming products, and you can either choose to have a "surprise" box, or you can opt to customise your box over on their website. to include more or less of the things you want, based on a star rating system.  And as quoted from their website:

"We believe dogs deserve the best, so we use suppliers such as Lily's Kitchen, Alpha and Ruby's, Hungry Hector, Thrive Pet Products and the Dog Bakery (These are just a tiny selection from our many quality suppliers) All our food suppliers are chosen because they use natural, healthy ingredients. Our toys and other products are just as carefully researched"

My box arrived on Tuesday, and I was very excited to see what was in it!  I grabbed my best doggie friend Kali, and waited for the treats to come our way.

A Spaniel's Tail Woof Box Review

So what goodies did I receive in my box?  Everything was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, which I wanted desperately to rip up all over the place, but Hooman wouldn't let me.  Spoilsport....

A Spaniel's Tail Woof Box Review

"Doggee" waste bag dispenser: an innovative product that can be used to easily store those often needed poo bags, and has a handy attachment to either clip on the lead or a keyring.  Always useful to have an extra ball of baggies on hand!

Gor Pets Goofy toy:  This is a big squishy lamb with squeakers and rattles scattered about.  We had great fun with this, but it did get a hole in it pretty quickly which was a shame.

Pooch and Mutt Active Mobility:  Kali and I went nuts over these.  You can see in the pic just how rapt we are.  The Hooman checked out the packaging, and they are high in Omega 3 to promote healthy joints.

A Spaniel's Tail Woof Box Review

Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits:  I have had these before and do love them.  They have added honey, pro biotic yogurt, passionflower and chamomile and smell so yummy, even Hooman thinks they must taste good!

Lily's Kitchen Little Liver Rewards:  Nothing, NOTHING beats air or freeze dried liver.  Paws up from Kali and me.

There was also an included sample pack of the Lily's Kitchen Chicken & Duck kibble, which I haven't tried yet, but am sure will be as delicious as the other Lily's Kitchen goodies!

You can order the Woof-Box, from £17.99 a month with free delivery (by a trackable courier, so you can track its whereabouts on its way to you), dependent on your chosen subscription.  This might sound a lot, but when Hooman did some calculations, the goodies came to over £20 worth of products.   It would have been nice to have a chewie in there too, but the contents change every month, and chews are included on the website as options.

Altogether, Kali and I had a great time sampling the goodies and would recommend Woof-Box as a provider of high quality products containing great and healthy ingredients at a reasonable price.

For more information, click on over to the website at

This product was provided for review.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Black and White Sunday: Pawdrey Hepburn

Last time the Hooman and I visited my breedy lady, the Hooman mentioned to her how much she loved it when I get egg / sardines / tuna / anyfink else that smells luffly on my ears, and then slap em round her face in sheer gratitude.

So breedy lady gave me a snood! Parrantlee all the best spangles wear them, but it does keep my ears disappointingly clean.  However, it does also make me look like a right glamour puss dog.  In fact, the Hooman thinks I look like a furry Pawdrey Hepburn.  

Lottie x 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Technology: Whistle Activity Monitor

The Hooman is a geek.  There, I've said it.  She got slightly excited reading about this latest bit of technogeek wizardry,

You may or may not be familiar with the strange things Hooman's wear, such as Jawbone and FitBits. Yep, for all you geeky Hoomans that like to collect data and analyse it, about your sleeping, eating and hexcersise.  Well, now a new one has been created for us doglets, called Whistle!  And it can also work in collaboration with Jawbone to collect information about you and your bestestest Hooman friend.   Hooman has wanted a Jawbone for herself for a while as she uses apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal every day - you can't imagine how her eyes are sparkling at including me in the geek...  She also likes the idea of being able to see what I am up to during the day when she is at a place called "werk" and I am having tremenduss fun at my doggy daycare!

Any more of you have geeky Hoomans?

Lottie x

(all images from

Spaniels Tail Whistle Activity Monitor

Spaniels Tail Whistle Activity Monitor

Spaniels Tail Whistle Activity Monitor

Spaniels Tail Whistle Activity Monitor

Spaniels Tail Whistle Activity Monitor

Facebook Giveaway!

Just for funnings, the Hooman decided to run a little Giveaway comp on my Bookyface page, where it all started, for this dainty little sterling silver paw print pendant and chain!  It runs till Monday 27th May, so if you would like to henter, please click on the piccie below!  The competition is open to all.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Today I have been mostly....

Today I have mostly been barkin at nuffin in the garden. I find this is yoosful on a Sunday, to keep Hooman on her paws. She wus very tired today after makin a biiiiiiig cake yestaday, so I wuz being helpful by keeping her awake.

It wuz a nice day for a walk. Hooman wuz nearly ecstatical as she fort I wuz going to be as clean and dry after walkies as before. Silly Hooman. Just as she fort she wuz outsmarting me (ha!) by avoiding the duckie pond, I made a run for it and had a little paddly.

I weed on 12 molyhills today, a new record!

Lottie x

Lookin beyootiful

Looking as booootiful as I know how. Which is a LOT.

Lottie x

Dogs in hot cars - don't do it!

It was hot this weekend  - even walking at six in the evening I got hot! Seems a good moment for a timely reminder about leaving dogs in hot cars - it can be fatal!  Your car will heat up ridiculously quickly on a hot sunny day and us poor doglets just can't cope with it.  We could get heatstroke and after less time than you think, it could lead to death.  So remember, don't even leave your gorjuss doggies in your car for even a few minutes! 

Lottie x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hula Dog Show

As planned, took part in the HULA Animal Rescue dog dhow today - sadly today, I didn't win any prizes.  Lots of luffly dogs though -  HULA do an amazing job in and around Milton Keynes, so hopefully they raised lots of money! 

Although it was such a beyootiful day, I did get my first taste of icecream! Yummy - will be mekking sure Hooman always gives me the end of her cone from now on!  

Shattered now - was a very hot day. Am amoosed by the colour Hooman has turned.  Silly Hooman forgot that a cross shoulder bag will leave a tractive white stripe across her chest when the sun sets in... 

Hope you all had a luffly day! 

Lottie x

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Cripses time!

Went to the plub last night - social spangle! Hooman and her friends drank the silly water (well the big wuns did, not the little Hoomans!) , and Kali and me waited for cripses. We got lots 

Then when we got a bit bord, Kali and me snuck under the table and rollded around pretending to kill each uvver. Was funny to see uvver tables peeking over thinking there was a doggy fight, but me and Kali would never hurt each uvver. Our own Hoomans fort it was funny though!

Lottie x


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping Position #4 - the Contortionist

Hula dog Show

We are off to the Hula Dog Show on Sunday and the Hooman is looking forward to prancing me round to try and win prizes. Though the bouncy castle sounds fun!

On the serious side, Hula Animal Rescue do amazing rescue work in and around Milton Keynes, so I will be proud to go and join in with the fun. I know I am a very lucky doglet who is much loved - if only all pets had a tenth of the love I have, then places like Hula wouldn't even be needed!

Better start practicing my best wag for Waggiest Tail...

Lottie x

Monday, 12 May 2014

A trip to the lake

Had a luffly weekend! Got muddy and / or wet at least three times!

Yestiday, I went for the first time to Emberton Park wiv me mate Kali - was grate! I got a bit eggsited when I saw the big goosey birdies and went running after them. Wos running and running and all of a sudden there was nuffink under me but water and I had to swim! The Hooman would have taken a fotie, but she was laffing too hard. Humph. I also met a swan wiv baybees - I ain't going near one of them buggers again, they are bad tempered!

Hope you all had a luffly weekend 

Lottie x

Saturday, 10 May 2014


What is it wiv Hoomans and groomin! Fust of all, doggy daycare gave me a barf, brush and perfoom yesterday (a "demi groooom" and I ended up smellin like Shannel No 5. I had a rummidj in puddles today to try and wash it off.

And then after Hooman had her dindins this eevnin, she set abowt me wiv sissers!!!

She woz a bit nervuss bowt it, but I don't fink I look tooooo bad...

Lottie x

Golden red English cocker spaniel Lottie

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cocky Spangle Property Laws

There are some impawtent rules to living with a cocky spangle.

The impawtent ones are 1-4, 5-9 and 11-12.

Oh, and 10. Obveeyussly.

Lottie x

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bloomin' Bells & Barbincues!

Had a MAZING weekend! Got really muddy twice, sat pretty in the bloomin' bells for the Hooman to take some foties (I hoomer her now and again) and I got to go to my fust barbingcue. 

Oh my goodness - barbingcues are MAZING too! The Hooman made me wait till effrywun had stuffed their faces, but then she let me have a sossinge and a bit of bugger (that can't be the rite spelling?). It was so good, I didn't mind her using it to mek me do tricks. "Sit, down, speak, twirl, spin, paw, high five" you name it! Wurf it for sossinge and bugger though.

Hope yoo all had mazing weekends too!

Lottie x

Lottie English cocker spaniel golden red bluebells

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Having a lie in

Having a lie in in my luffly big bed wiv the doovay.

I am considerit though and let the Hooman share as she dussent seem to have her own bed.

Lottie x

Lottie red golden English cocker spaniel Spaniel's Tail

Friday, 2 May 2014

Smile, it's Friday!

No words, just....Friday! And a long weekend for Hinglish Hoomans! 

Happy Friday all!

Lottie x

Lottie red golden English cocker spaniel Spaniel's Tail Friday smile