Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Spade day

Whoa, what happened there! One moment I am taking a nice walk to the wet'n'hairy laydee, then she tries to put a thermomingter where a thermomingter should not go, and then I don't remember anyfink until I wake up feeling like I have been run over by wun of those Pirineeyan Mounting dogs!

Got my own back - Hooman tried to put me in the krate last night. What an insult! Played merry hell till she liftid me on the bed. And then systematincally woke her up four times during the night, for a gardin visit, haha. Though she did giff me luffly cuddles when I was feeling sad and shivery at five ay em, and we both slept nicely then cos I wos warm an cosy..

So I am feeling much betta today (Hoomans not, hahaha!), tho to add insult to ingjurry, she has put a babeegro on me! I admit it's better than the big blow up kollar though, but it's annoying cos I have a littul saw spot I can't get too!

This is me doing my bestestest dirrty look this mawning 

Lottie x


  1. I'm one of those dogs that you mentioned, but I don't make a habit of running over Spaniels or any smaller dogs for that matter!
    I hope you heal quickly. You look quite cute in that babygrow! I wouldn't fit in one.

    1. A Pirineeyan Mounting Dog? Cool! I have to admit, the two I have met were very well mannered, but if one DID happen to run into me, I imagine that is how I would feel :)

      You can get adult sized babygro's, but prolly not from a webbysite you want to visit... :-D