Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bantum Pregnancee

My Hooman wuz a little concerned, as she fawt I wuz having something called a bantum pregnanceee. Dunno what chickens have got to do with anything, I wuz just making shure that Skweeky Pengwin and Ropey Octopussy were tucked up, warm, and had plenty of milk.

I have now decided they are both good-for-nuffink layabowts, and kicked them out of the family bed.

Parantlee this wuz all to do with a seesun (Autumn? Winter?) but they are going to give me a spade next mumf and all seesuns will stop. Hoomans are weeeeird...

Lottie x

PS. Tis fun to creep about, crying, wiv a toy in your mowf. Gives the Hoomans heebee-jeebees....

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